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Re: How to shovel driveway with a tiny baby?

Babies are perfectly safe left in the house in their crib or packnplay, as long as you don't leave the property. How do people mow their lawns, or sleep at night, or take showers, if they never leave their babies "unattended"? . I ask that without judgement, totally seriously...I have always been surprised how new moms panic about getting someone to hold their new baby so they can take a shower. Tiny babies cannot climb out of their cribs. I have left my babies in the crib (without blankets, but with a few toys to look at or chew on) for up to an hour while I scoop the driveway or mow the grass. And of course, even if we cosleep, they are "unattended" while I am asleep. It really is not an issue

Of course, if you want to take him outside in a carrier, that is fine, too. But don't feel like you have to if you don't want to.

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