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Re: Not trying to be selfish...

Don't put clothes on your registry. It's a total waste of time. Unless they are online shopping and there is a link, no one is going to try or be able to track down an exact outfit that you have on there. Stores change stock too much, run out of things, and there are just SO MANY different clothes in a store to try to find one particular one.

Also, most people tend to want to buy cute little newborn outfits that they think are cute. Seriously, everyone KNOWS not to buy newborn and 0-3 because that's what everyone else gets, but I had SO MANY people at my baby shower give us CLOTHES (with no tags, no receipts, etc). I was grateful of course but almost nothing on the actual registry was bought except by a couple of VERY close long time family friends. So don't count on people giving you things you need. Budget accordingly so you can actually buy what you need. Especially since your shower is after the baby is born? did I understand that correctly? Because in that case, you won't be able to wait and see what you get that you need, you'll have to have it already for when baby gets there.

Just don't be shocked at the amount of clothing you get. We even specifically put a note in the registry about no clothes. I think most people didn't even look at it, they just went to kohls or wherever and bought a cute little outfit.....
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