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Name "suggestions" from others

Do you find this annoying? How do you deal with it when they act a little insulted that you don't like their name or that it's not in the running?

DH's mom, VERY early on, wanted us to consider a name that is totally never ever going to be an option. Even DH didn't like it. It is apparently a name that DH's mom had always wanted to name a daughter, had she had one. (Zoey). She wasn't too upset about it.

But my mom suggests names regularly. I feel bad because I think she really does put a lot of thought into it. I've tried telling her we'll consider it, put it on the list, etc but she asks regularly about names if I say that. So I've started just politely saying something like, "It's a nice name but not really our style", or insert other reason depending on what the name is. She doesn't come up with bad names, but they aren't names we are interested in and she thinks that because DS's name is technically Irish orgins that DS2's name should be Irish as well (both her parents are from Ireland so her whole family is very Irish) or she thinks a matchy matchy name would be really cute. FWIW, I don't relate to this whole Irish thing like my mom and aunts all do, and we did not pick DS's name because it's Irish. We just loved the name, and it happened to be Irish YK?

We honestly probably HAVE a name we both like but I can't quite pull the trigger on it. We've told her this but she still suggests names.

Is this common? This wasn't an issue with DS because we had his name picked super early on, as in before his gender was even known LOL
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