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Re: Round two of tamales, need pot recommendations

Any reason why I can't use the steamers that are 2 tiers high and lay the tamales flat in each tier? You can use the 3 tier one I just prefer a steaming rack.
I think I read I shouldn't stack them more than 2 tamales high. You can stack as many as you want I have stack I think up to 12-15 as lont as you stack them the right way

In general, the stainless pots I saw available at the asian market looked very similar to these POTS. You can totaly get one of those I think is just a preference. What about this one they have it a my local walmart and you live like 20-30 min from me so they probably have it on your walmart or you can order online it online.

I keep hearing I need to steam the tamales vertically, any reason why I cannot lay them down, and give it a go? You need to stack them vertically of the filling would come out from the open end. The way I stack them is I lay a tamale flat in the middle of the pot and then I go from there laying tamales aroung it, I hope that make sense.

I cannot thank you enough for your help here!

Here are a little extra tips maybe you already know them. For every package of maseca you can add a couple of table spoons of baking powder to make them fluffy and easier to remove form the corn husk. Also did you know the the corn husk have a right and wrong side. You can tell by touching the husk that one side is softer than the other. I you spread the masa in the wrong/rough side it would be harder to remove the tamal from the husk.
I see that you live in Grand Prairie if you ever drive by El rancho grocery store you can stop by and get the corn husks from there they are the best I had found.
If you have any more question let me know and I hope my answers make sense.
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