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Re: Anyone interested in organizing with me this year?

Originally Posted by 2boysmama View Post
I think I already tossed (took to goodwill with other stuff) 2013 plastic army guys. Ha ha! We have too much junk! Our house is awesome with a large storage room in the basement, an attic, decent sized closets, a bunch of cabinets throughout the house...but I hate that all of this is packed with a bunch of junk. Plus, my sister and her husband and their two girls moved into a smallish apartment and they stashed a bunch of stuff here (BIL asked dh if he could keep somethings here then my sis asked me about a few things and dh and I didn't talk...we ended up with a bunch of their things!) I want all the junk gone!! I cannot start with my laundry room though...that is the biggest of the dumping grounds and it is so full of stuff I'll need to practice on some of the easier rooms first, like the kids bathroom or mudroom. I'm going to check out the other thread too. Great idea, OP. Support is always so nice!
That is exactly why I started with the laundry room. It is right off the garage and next to the kitchen. Everything gets dumped there and I desperately need this room to work better for me. I went through all the cupboards in there and organized them. Purged a box of stuff. I have one lower cupboard to sort through and organize. Today I will prep the walls and hopefully start painting tomorrow. Oh yeah, and tackling the mountain of laundry that piled up over the last week. But last night I nearly lost heart. I started pulling stuff out of the laundry room and wanted to give up. I was wishing I had started with something easier. But it already is looking much better. Meanwhile, the dining room is trashed as everything from the closet and some open shelves is piled in there until I get the painting done.

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