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Re: Budget naive

tithe and pay ourselves first, as in retirement and savings. then bills are paid, and we do budget billing on utilities. then we budget groceries, sometimes that fluctuates greatly, like summer we garden so it drops and winter we spend more due to no garden. if there is a great sale I stock up.
we usually have 1 or 2 large items we buy every year that we save for. last yr we bought 2 used vehicles and a new small John Der tractor. this yr we want to do vacation and possibly as new washer. we live far from anything so fun money isn't budgeted cause we have alot of fun just being gone with each other. when weather is good we are out side alot doing sports and fishing etc with each other. all free!

I think the biggest key to budgets is knowing exactly what to expect from your bills every month like I know our cell is 32.72 every month and electric is 119 though will be going up next adjustment I am sure. knowing your . exact costs, paying yourself then make every penny after that go somewhere, have goals for your money and remember to use what you have of borrow as often . as you can. when in the stores and you find yourself aimlessly wondering around, you are not budgeting your money wisely that day cause you are inevitably going to spend funds on something you don't really need
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