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Re: Not trying to be selfish...

I forgot about the washcloths. We received a TON of washcloths LOL.

They are really too thin to be good for much else, but they are about to hit the general wash cloth stash in our house. We did actually use them for awhile, but once he was maybe 6 (?) ish months old and we were bathing him in the regular tub, I got him a little poof loofah thing and it works so much better. Gets nice and sudsy! We have probably three dozen wash cloths (they come in packs of 6 or so, so when a few people get them and you've already gotten a pack or two adds up quickly).

We also had people that gave clothes that were really cute and bigger sizes, but they didn't think about the season DS would be in once he was that age (summer clothes for winter age, and vice versa), so many of those were not useable either.

I honestly don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I have to say, it opened my eyes. Pre kids I was one of those who picked out the cute little newborn outfits as the gift and thought they would adore it. Now I make sure to buy something off the registry that is going to actually be of use that they WANT!
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