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Re: NTNP January 6th- January 12th

Originally Posted by MyKzooFamily View Post
To relax I sleep.

I have to admit I was really sad when I got BFN's this week. AF came this morning, making it official. When I normally O, DH was out of commission, sick with a cold. I thought for sure based on the before/after it might work, but apparently not! I wasn't temping or testing for O, though, so who knows when it really was.

This next month I will test for O, to see when it is. If we DTD great, if not, that's okay. DH is really big with NTNP, while I would love to be TTC. (sigh) But at least he is NTNP.. that is HUGE for him!
So disappointing when AF shows up and wishing it doesn't. SS! Our hubby's are in the same mind set. My DH is wanting to NTNP but in my mind we are TTC This is also a huge step for hubby. He didn't want any more children but has finally said we could NTNP for one more! Although, I would take as many as the Lord would give us. I'm trying to be content in my husbands decision.

AFM: 7-8DPO and I'm just not feeling it this month I kinda just wish AF would hurry up and get here. The kids are still sick. Hubby is still kinda sick but bless his heart he got up and went to work (out in the cold). I am just praying that we will all get well soon and praying I don't get it too!
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