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Re: January Stash Game Chatter thread

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I found my kam snaps in the closet under the stairs along with my rotary cutter and a bunch of other stuff I didn't notice was missing. DS "forgot" he put it all in there because someone was coming over and I asked him to clear off my treadle and the dinning room table. He's 10. I forgot at that age "clear it off" and "put it away correctly" are two different things!
My lastin is still missing.
Anyway... Here are the 11 snack bags with snaps (UFO) ! And the 14 momma cloth I made with scraps left over from making DD blankets, burp rags, and bibs before she was born. I was happy to have finished something this weekend!

Glad you found most of it!! Even my 28y/o DH has different ideas on what "clearing off" means

Originally Posted by fawnlovesjasper View Post
I was afraid of anything on bolts with how much I already had to buy I cheat and don't count remnants since I usually look for any that are less than a buck.. so like a few inches

I wanted to start school early today, kids all slept in, so I worked on my square. This is actually square #3 but I had to put this beautiful Geisha girl on the cover of that book!

Wondering how I should count these squares or if I should save them until all at the end. The squares are each very detailed and use at least about 1/4 yard of fabric once its all said and done.

that looks really cool!!

I bought a ton of goodmamas like 5 months ago to redo the elastic. I just finished them all last night I had already done the new elastic, just needed to sew it all closed. Finally! Done!

Are there points for doing them? I did 9 of those babies!

Sewing up some necklaces today. hoping to get 10 done, but not sure the kids are going to let that happen lol
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