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Re: Newborn help.

Originally Posted by Mamma527 View Post
Are you drinking and eating enough? I would try to drink a lot of water and just keep nursing. Is she latching well and can you see he jaw pausing to know she's getting milk? There is a great video on YouTube that shows this. It was a big help with my first one.
I am drinking a ton of water, juice and mothers milk tea. Eating has been less good but I am trying to eat lots of lean protein, salads etc. I've just been so busy that finding time to eat has been difficult.

I suspect her latch is bad. Both nipples are scabbed and sore, she fusses at the breast sometimes for 30 minutes before I can get her to latch. I can hear her gulping while feeding so I am pretty sure she's getting milk... I left a message with a certified location consultant and haven't heard back and I called her on Friday. I think I need to call other ones.
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