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Re: Where did you find your side of beef? Looking to buy half a cow....

Originally Posted by pumkinsmommy View Post
What cuts do you all get? I don't really cook roasts. I use some ground but wouldn't want more than way 50 lb packages. I make beef stew a good bit and was thinking a stir fry cut would be useful.
We get LOTS of ground because we don't do roasts really. Chuck, round, even less desirable parts of sirloin, get grounded.

I like eye round steaks for breakfast (seared under the broiler for 4 minutes, yummy!) so that gets cut up rather than being left as a roast.

Braised ribs are the best!

Brisket, tenderloin, and the flank/flap meat of the sirloin is fantastic.

The general rule is if it isn't a steak/ribs, it is ground.

We eat lots of spaghetti, lasagne, burgers and tacos over the year so the ground really works better for us.

We ask that many of the bones get cut into smallish pieces and we give them to the dogs or we make bone broth.

I can't find our cut sheet from two years ago (and we don't get our new beef until February), but we had something like 50+lbs of ground, packaged by 2lbs increments. 30+lbs of various steaks (cut thin at 4 per pack), 2-3 roasts (these were pretty big, meh, 20+ lbs total), 10lbs (maybe of ribs). This was our quarter beef (116lbs-ish as I recall...somewhere in there). We have none of that left. That's why we are sharing a quarter this time since it took us 2 yrs to eat a 1/4.
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