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Re: Newborn help.

First Congrats on your LO. My most important advice is to stop pumping right now. You and her need to work this out and the pump is an added stress. Your body is going to regulate your supply over the next week so you need to focus on nursing. Glad to hear you are eating and drinking Do you have lanolin for your nips? Letting them air dry is crucial for healing. Make sure her mouth is open very wide and then bring her towards the breast. New nursers have a tendency to try to take the boob to baby which makes for a poor latch and uncomfortable mama. My first LO liked to suck her bottom lip in and needed help popping it back out. Are you burping her? You might try contacting LLL in your area. Those women are WONDERFUL resources and will happily help you. Try not to panic yet and don't let the pedi scare you. Do you know the signs of infant dehydration? Three wet dipes is not much how often are you checking her diaper? Not having lots of bm is less of an issue. I have nursed 4 babies over the past 11 years and some of them poop every hour on the hour and one of ours would go 5 days. Do your best to relax and when in doubt NURSE THE BABY
Just in case.
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