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Originally Posted by OurAllenBaby
You just have to minimize the stuff you own and maximize your organization!

In my opinion if you think you need MORE SPACE - then you probably need LESS STUFF.
You nailed it!!

I am trying so hard to clear out stuff. I began the purging process last fall, and DH didn't seem to be onboard. I did manage to clear out a lot of things, tho, and finally he seems to be coming around. My goal this spring is to really purge our basement so that we can refinish at least part of it to become a playroom. Big dreams would include a finished laundry room and sewing room (or at least a nook to set up my sewing machine!)

After reading all of your posts I think I have decided that maybe we should stay in this house for now, and make it work the best we can. I am still determined to declutter more, but it's such a slow process!
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