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Re: 2,013 Items in 2013!

Originally Posted by Marbie View Post
The kids dumped their toy boxes in the living room and so I took the opportunity to go through their stuff! That's what they get for not cleaning up, I guess.

So I purged lots of toys, large trucks, bouncy balls, plastic cheapy toys, and about 20 books. Yay! Then I went back and forced myself to get rid of even more books. Whew.

ETA: found more junk and trashed 9 items
ETA: threw out 2 tea samples. We don't even drink tea!
ETA: threw out 2 sponges and 2 old toothbrushes

Does anyone else find that it's easy to do an initial purge, but then you have to come back a little later and do another one?

Total for 01/06: 61

Grand running total: 180/2013
I always do this. I skim the room and go back later for a deeper purge. I also go back every few months and do another big purge.
Another thing I do (got the idea from a book) is take everything out, even the stuff I know I'll keep, and move them into another room. If it's out of place, I'm more likely to part with it.
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