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Re: Talk to me about Vasectomies!!

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Sorry I don't want to say exactly what because it is his private information not mine to share but he had what we found out later is NOT uncommon nerve damage he isn't in pain at least but will never function the same again. The procedure went well, he went to the most well respected Dr - actually the Dr he went to specializes in post V pain syndrome and treating complications post V (found that out after too when I saw his name listed on a site for people looking for help) DH just wasn't one of the "lucky" ones. I guess rate of complications are low but we were never told something this catasrophic could happen. We had an amazing physical relationship and this has caused an insane amount of stress in our marriage while we try to learn to connect in different ways and with lowered expectations. I guess we can watch movies and learn how to knit together instead.
I am so sorry, mama. Is there anything they can do to repair it?
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