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Re: How to convince dh to have another???

Bless your hear! I was in the same boat as you...Hubby wanted 1 and I wanted 3, we have 2, a 7 year old and a 2 1/2 yr old. I still want my baby #3 and have fought and argued with hubby about it. After lots of restless nights on my part, I decided to write him a letter and poured my heart out in it since I am not really that good with verbalizing how I feel. Anyway, long story short, he didn't exactly say yes but he told me that my letter got him into thinking about that 3rd child and that we'll see and wait. So I got my mirena out just this morning and we will see what happens then. He was actually teasing me about it when I got back from my appmt saying that now that I don't have the protection of the iud I'm gonna want to it a lot (sorry TMI), lol.

Well, all I can say is good luck and hopefully he changes his mind.

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