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Re: Newborn help.

I agree that seeing some in person is a very good idea. My DD lost more than the ped wanted and left me sore, bleeding and basically chewed up nipples. I knew something was very wrong with her latch. I watched all the vidoes and from my view what I could see she looked like she latched right. I got in to see an LC (who was amazing) and she helped me tweek my latch just a little bit and oh my goodness the difference. Once she was latching right and getting more milk instead of nibbleing she started gaining weight. It took a good 4 weeks. She gained nothing the first two weeks and then slowly for the next 4 weeks.

There was only the pain at latch of from my chewed up nipples. They healed very quickly with the right latch.

Also does your baby have jaundice. that made a differnce too
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