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I'm about 5 1/2 weeks and I've had sore breasts and frequent peeing for about a week and generally feeling worn out after normal activities. That coupled with two nights in a row of vivid dreams (one of teeth falling out, the other was me shopping for a tub for a home water birth) prompted me to test. Since I got my BFP on New Years Eve I've only just started feeling a bit woosie today. And I've noticed more so at night. Also I've been so weepy! I am not usually an over emotional person but I was shopping of a birthday card for my husband about a week before I tested and broke down in sobbing tears when I found the perfect card. So out of character for me. I was this sick with my 13 week loss (dragonfly) but not so much with my two seven week losses. With my son I felt hung over morning noon and night!
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