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Re: Not trying to be selfish...

Originally Posted by LacyHolly View Post
Waiting a while totally makes sense! Thank you I hadn't even really thought about that part...yikes. I guess I knew babies might get lazy about it, but didn't really think about it.

I am hoping to stay at home for a while, but it really is a matter of what we can afford...well, and how quickly I can find a new job.
Yeah, a lot of people will introduce bottles quickly, before baby has nursing really "down", and then say "Oh, baby hates nursing and refuses it, will only take the bottle, so we just switched."
There's usually no need to introduce bottles in the first month or so, and it's just not a good idea.
There will always be some people who did it and it worked out just fine for them, but that's not the norm.

you're able to stay home for a while!

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
I forgot about the washcloths. We received a TON of washcloths LOL.
They are really too thin to be good for much else
You can always use them for cloth wipes for diapering - that's all we used for wipes with the older 2 boys, with Levi I did splurge and get us some fancy wahm-made wipes, but the washcloths work great and they're super cheap!
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