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Re: Newborn help.

Wow thanks so much everyone!

Originally Posted by Mara'sMommy View Post
Was she checked for tongue and lip ties? Are you offering the breast before she gets fussy or after?
I am not sure about the tongue and lip ties. I will ask the pediatrician tomorrow. Before I was was waiting for "signs" but last night and today I've stayed skin to skin with her and started offering the breast anytime she's awake. She still fusses but its way better.

Originally Posted by Mara'sMommy View Post
See if you can get in to see a LC. I would be a bit worried about only 2 wet diapers. The pediatrician will most likely tell you to give her formula. Don't do that unless you want to stop nursing. Its a slippery slope. The scabbed nipples do sound like a bad latch and she could be having problems transferring milk. Get in with a LC asap. They can do before and after feed weighs as well
I found a few that do home visits and I am going to be calling in a few minutes to see if I can have someone come over. I also called and spoke with a la leche leader who gave me some tips and also said if I show up for a meeting tomorrow she can check my latch. She had 3 wet diapers not two, still not enough but slightly better.

As for the pedi, unless my child is in serious danger I won't do formula because I really, really want to breastfeed and believe its beneficial. Plus I think once I give formula it will be too easy to give it again. So I will be resisting formula as much as possible.

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
First Congrats on your LO. My most important advice is to stop pumping right now. You and her need to work this out and the pump is an added stress. Your body is going to regulate your supply over the next week so you need to focus on nursing. Glad to hear you are eating and drinking Do you have lanolin for your nips? Letting them air dry is crucial for healing. Make sure her mouth is open very wide and then bring her towards the breast. New nursers have a tendency to try to take the boob to baby which makes for a poor latch and uncomfortable mama. My first LO liked to suck her bottom lip in and needed help popping it back out. Are you burping her? You might try contacting LLL in your area. Those women are WONDERFUL resources and will happily help you. Try not to panic yet and don't let the pedi scare you. Do you know the signs of infant dehydration? Three wet dipes is not much how often are you checking her diaper? Not having lots of bm is less of an issue. I have nursed 4 babies over the past 11 years and some of them poop every hour on the hour and one of ours would go 5 days. Do your best to relax and when in doubt NURSE THE BABY
Thanks a lot I have to admit the pump makes me feel a bit better and I try to do it only briefly and then spoon feed her the milk. I suppose its neurotic and I probably should stop but then I at least "know" she's getting that milk. I do have lanolin and hydrogel pads and I've been pretty much topless for the last few days. I did get in contact with LLL and they were really helpful.

I've been checking her diaper when she's fussy. I have her in GMD workhorse and my mom suggested that she might be peeing twice in the diaper before we catch it.
I've read up on the signs and honestly besides the lack of wet diapers she seems okay and isn't jaundiced etc. She is a sleepy baby but she cries loud and lusty when awake.

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
I agree that seeing some in person is a very good idea. My DD lost more than the ped wanted and left me sore, bleeding and basically chewed up nipples. I knew something was very wrong with her latch. I watched all the vidoes and from my view what I could see she looked like she latched right. I got in to see an LC (who was amazing) and she helped me tweek my latch just a little bit and oh my goodness the difference. Once she was latching right and getting more milk instead of nibbleing she started gaining weight. It took a good 4 weeks. She gained nothing the first two weeks and then slowly for the next 4 weeks.

There was only the pain at latch of from my chewed up nipples. They healed very quickly with the right latch.

Also does your baby have jaundice. that made a differnce too
Good to know that it can get better with help. I am hoping to get to a LLL meeting tomorrow where the leader said she can check our latch and then I plan on getting a LC as soon as I can find one that will call me back. And no she doesn't have jaundice. Her daddy is middle eastern so her skin is slightly darker and olive toned but my midwife said it didn't look jaundiced to her.
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