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You'd think I'd have it figured out after a month, but still I don't know what to do. Common sense tells me I should just send the milk I pumped the day before, but I'm so worried it won't be enough. Sometimes I'm sure its not. They say she's always hungry. But when she's tired she sticks her fists in her mouth and acts hungry. When the main teacher is in the room they space her feedings out more. When she's out they just keep feeding her. Last week she had 7 oz within 45 minutes!

She's not a good morning eater so I pump in the morning, then wake her up to feed her. Go to work/DC, I have morning and afternoon pump breaks. DH picks her up and if she's sleeping when I get home I pump, otherwise I just feed her. I don't know if I'm pumping enough throughout the day to keep my supply up and keep her satisfied. I can't keep sending extra milk 'just in case's because my freezer stash is dwindling and they keep feeding her everything.

Is it possible to increase my supply while pumping without taking more breaks? I could add a pump session during lunch, but it couldn't be every day. How long should I pump for? I usually go for 15 mins even though milk stops flowing after about 10. I have a manual pump for home (best purchase!), and double electric for work (which makes me feel like a cow).

What works for you? I'm probably making this more complicated than it needs to be...

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