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Re: Thread Responses/PM's? (Not being answered)

What everyone else said. Also, a lot of peops are using their phones to check messages on DS throughout the day. It's often a pain in the butt to use those and could be hard enough just to respond to the person who IS getting the items much less anyone else. Phones may also lock peops out so that they can't respond to something they meant to or so that they have enough difficulty responding that it is not worth it to them.

More than that, the woman is being generous enough to offer something for free. Only one lucky person will benefit, but it seems there aren't really grounds for anyone to complain unless that person fails to ship after someone has paid for shipping.

Finally, folks who have been really burnt by buyer's/sellers may bypass people they do not know, particularly if they are not going to get any financial benefit from it. They may figure it is not worth the bother until they "know" the person. After all, that person could try to claim they never got the item and want their shipping money back. I have already been in a situation where someone made an offer to me that I might have considered under different circumstances, but I just didn't feel right about it. Now if someone had offered me the asking price for something that I had offered for sale for financial gain, I'd feel obligated to give it to the first person who offered that price.
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