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Re: Whole chicken for more than 1 meal?

I don't know if it counts, but first, we take our chicken and make stock out of it. I think the ones I buy are usually only 5-6 pounds. We follow the Nourishing Traditions recipe for stock so the chicken only cooks about 2 hours before I pull it out and take all the meat off. The bones and all veggies will simmer and cook for around 36 hours. I'm limited by pot size but can usually fill around 10-12 16 oz jars with stock to freeze. The broth/stock will last for around a week. The meat is then cooked/made into something else: stir fry, sandwich meat, fried rice or just eaten as is with some sort of dip on the side. I'm far from creative so my kids get the same food rotated =)
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