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I'm in the same boat! My DS will be 1 on 1/31 and we're on day 5 of a nursing strike. Well at least I hope it's a nursing strike... I honestly don't know if he'll go back. I keep offering & offering but he turns away and cries and wants nothing to do with my breast.

I've been told it's a strike because:
-very rarely does a baby under 18-24 months self wean,
- there were several triggers just before the strike started... the stress and hustle/bustle of the holidays, my stress over my mom coming to visit in 2 weeks, my losing sleep, decreased milk supply, and ds had a fever of 102.

I'm so worried that he won't go back though because he is LOVING the bottles. I stopped using the fast flow & went back to the slow flow so hopefully he won't get too lazy & impatient. I've been pumping & feeding him bm but can only get about 1/2 of what he drinks in a day, so the remainder is ff.

Keep us updated on how it goes, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.
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