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Re: Partially weaned but not sure which to continue

She has gone to 4 feedings per day now. I was only nursing at the first AM feeding but she didn't seem as settled for her last feeding. Like she needed extra comfort so I transitioned to only nursing her before bed. So far it's working. She just fidgets sooooo much! Thank goodness she hasn't gotten teeth yet. It hurts enough when bites down with her gums and then looks at me with (i swear!) a sneaky look. I'm pretty sure she knows what "No." means but for some reason this one thing she still tries to get away with.
We decided to go with Similac Advanced Organic. Mostly because there's not much of a price difference and surely it's got to taste a least a little better, right?? So now she's 3x bottle and 1x breast before bed.
Thank you mama's for your support! I have been fighting the guilty feeling of not nursing longer. I'm going to hold onto this last feeding as long as I can! We are trying for #3 so I'm not sure how much longer that will be.

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