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Re: What does your curriculum and schedule look like?

I agree age of child/grade makes a big difference I have a 4th grade 10 year old so we do more our weekly schedule covers

art appreciation and analysis
art practice
Music Appreciation
Language arts
grammar and composition
reading skill/spelling
independent reading

it sounds like a lot but it is not.. Each area is covered between 1-4 days per week and each area takes between 30-1hour to complete on average.. Math and Independent reading are the only subjects that are always 4 days long..
I write out how many lessons we will have in each area on strips of paper. my DD then gets to choose on which days she will do those subjects sometimes (often) she will choose to keep Fridays free but not always. We also do have 2 commentments on Thursdays her Piano and Gymnastics but I just count them as her PE and music..

As far as our days.. Things can get a bit crazy I have a 2.5 year old and I watch our neighbors just turned 2 year old during the day here as well.. But typical day..

6am- I get up and go across the street to sit babysit at our neighbors untill the oldest is off at school and the little one wakes. (DH stays at our home with ours)

8:00amish I return home
8am-10am everyone else up breakfast dressed and morning chores
10-12 school time
12-1pm lunch/break outside time which often doubles for PE
1-3pm school time
3pm mine goes down for a nap typically and 10 year old gets some independent reading in, quiet time with neighbors kid (whom does soo NOT nap)till she gets picked up around 4-4:30


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