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gDipers all sizes PPD DELETE FOR SOLD

gDiaper lot

-2 Newborn or x-small (6-10 lbs) sets (6 each) 25$ per set gDiapers EUC white

•Prepped- Washed once not used.
•New with out tags (NWOT)- Tags removed, not prepped.
•EEUC (Excellent Excellent Used Condition) washed more then once used once maybe twice.
•Excellent Used Condition (EUC) - used a few times no signs or wear, stains, pilling etc
•Very Good Used Condition (VGUC) - minor pilling from normal aplix issues, possibly very light normal wash fading no tears, stains or excessive pilling.
•Good Used Condition (GUC) has 1 or more issues Pilling, wash wear, colour fading. Still fully functioning but not as pretty.

NWOT, Prepped-$15.00
EEUC, EUC-$14.00
VGUC-$ 12.00
GUC-$ 10.00

Size Small:

-3 White 2EUC 1 VGUC
-1 Chocolate Brown-Prepped or NWOT can't remember ;-)
-1 Great Orange VEUC
-2 Genuine Vanilla Bean -Prepped or NWOT can't remember 1 EUC
-2 Blue Bird - VGUC
-1 Baby Pink -Prepped or NWOT can't remember
-1 Goddess Pink-Prepped or NWOT can't remember
-5 Guppy Green- 2 EUC 3 VGUC due to miner pilling

-3 extra liners size small

-gTote bySea Bag NWOT retailers 159.00 w/o shipping 50.00 (SOLD)

Medium lot:

-8 Great Orange- 1 Prepped or NWOT can't remember, 2 EUC, 3 VGUC, 2 GUC ( pictured separately.

-1 Good Fortune (Red) Prepped or NWOT can't remember

-2 Genuine Vanilla Bean -Prepped or NWOT can't remember

Large lot:

-3 Genuine Vanilla Bean NWOT
-3 Great Orange NWOT

+ 1 extra liner and 6 Swish Sticks- Free ;-) all items are PPD

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