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Re: Basically it's Tuesday

Well finally I get a morning to myself. I didn't sleep all that great but I guess I got more sleep than Sunday night.

So I'm up...I got the kids up and out the door on time. No lunches though because they didn't empty their bags...and they are in trouble for it.

Since they left I've made myself a coffee and took my meds. Watched some rubbish on the telly and drank my coffee.

Tidied up the kitchen,
unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher,
got the dinner going in the crockpot (Goulash),
made myself some food and a cup of tea.

Now time for some sock knitting...

Still to do is the rice for dinner.

I have some sewing to do on Fynn's sleeping bag but I dont know if I'll get round to that today.
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