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Re: Talk to me about Vasectomies!!

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
I am so sorry, mama. Is there anything they can do to repair it?
The short answer is no.

As I've now found out some men try to have reversals and additional surgeries but none of the stories I've read have they been able to heal fully. DH has more then one side effect so it isn't likely that even IF he were willing to have another operation (which he isn't incase it gets even worse) it would work. BUT the "good" thing is there are some men in horrible chronic pain for the rest of their lives and at least he isn't one of them. I just wish someone would have told us that the complications are a LOT more serious and long lasting then the glossy brochure makes them out to be if you happen to be someone who has it happen to them. As I said before it wasn't Dr error, or using a quack, it was just how DH's body reacted to the procedure it could happen to anyone.

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