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Re: Progesterone Cream

I do IVF to have my kids becasue I dont ovualte predictably and for us, its just easier. Being that we go that route, my doctor has me do progesterone capsules 2x a day vaginally or progesterone in oil shot once a day. They told me that extra progesterone cant hurt you, so there is no harm in adding it. I dont have low progesterone naturally, they just do it as a precaution for all patients to help chances of a sticky embryo.

I would say go for it, you have absolutely nothing to loose and it wont hurt anything, plus the peace of mind is really nice. Just keep in mind it does mimic A LOT of pregnancy symptoms... sore boobs, fatigue, sometimes a little neasuea.. but well worth it!

ETA: I would have your Dr. prescribe it vs. buying off the internet. Its safer that way and generic progesterone is pretty cheap
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