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Milk blisters?!

*sigh* my DS is 14 months old and a co sleeper. A little over a week ago, he woke up wanting to play and when I ignored him, he bit my nipple. OUCH! I think his teeth marks turned I to milk blisters. They were like little pimples that popped, but the marks are still there and it is extremely painful to nurse. I was nursing him in a football position to get his latch away from the pain, but that's not even helping anymore, and it really doesn't seem to be getting much better. he has got an itty bitty mouth, and his teeth end up rubbing against the sores. Nursing more on the other side isn't an option, as the other side doesn't really produce anything. Trying to wean him would be a nightmare and I really don't want to go that route anyways. Any advice in how to get these healed up quickly?
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