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Re: Lil Shamrocks - January chat

So the holidays were hectic family gatherings always are~ but we had fun! So glad it's over. My birthday is next Saturday 19th and DH wants to go out to a nice dinner. I am thinking King Crab legs!

We see our MW on the 14th I will be 29 weeks. She gave us the option whether we want to start seeing her every 2,3 or 4 weeks. DH wants to do 2 weeks and I think it will help prepare me.

I need to make a decision on who I want at the birth to help us with DS. My initial plan was my stepmom because she is good with him but she is anti-homebirth (a nurse medically minded) and always on the go. I worry that she will get bored and want to take DS to her house or the store ect... which is a no-no. Once you enter this threshold you are here till the baby is born. My other option is my sister who was always my first choice but we had a huge falling out 3 years ago when I was pg with DS. We are FINALLY in a better place and we talk all the time. If things progress this way for a while then I will invite both b/c she can keep my SM under wraps. This way DH can concentrate on me.

I did get my birthplan mostly written but it needs some tweeks but I plan on posting it soon.
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