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Re: How much do you pay for private insurance?

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
We are VERY VERY lucky, my husband's company takes wonderful care of it's employees. Our health insurance premiums are very reasonable.

They went up slightly at the 1st of the year (usually does) so I think right now we're paying $137.50 every 2 weeks, so $275 or so a month.We're also lucky because They participate in a Wellness Credit and because according to their tests we're both healthy (normal weight, non smokers, good blood work, etc) we get $33 a month savings Otherwise our insurance would be over $300 a month.

Anyway, we have a $100 med deductible at the beginning of the year. $1500 per person, $3,500 family hospital deductible. They pay 100% of all well woman/well man/well child exams with $0 copay/$0 deductible. ER visits carry a $75 copay, Urgent Care a $50 copay, regular dr visits a $25 copay. Plus a 20% deductible. We're pretty lucky....and they cover my husband, no problem, despite his Type 1 diabetes, kidney failure and a whole host of other problems BUT it's through his employer, we've never tried to buy insurance on our own. I doubt we could.

Do you qualify for Medicaid? There are typically much higher income limits for pregnant women. Or does your state have a health insurance plan for 'sick' people? Here in Iowa we have IowaCare that covers people with health issues that can't get private insurance. It's a government program so there are income requirements but it's free/cheap.
This sounds more like insurance provided by a company, rather than private insurance. My DH is self employed, so we have to foot the bill ourselves, which is always higher.
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