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I usually get up around 7-8, drink coffee, have quiet prayer time.
9 am start breakfast.
10am start school work. Each child has their own lesson plan book. Dd10 can work through hers pretty independently. Math, reading, spelling, grammar, writing, science, history. We alternate science and history so they aren't done on the same day.
Dd6 is still dependent on me. We just cover Math and some type reading/phonics/letters. And then she usually sits in on Dd10's history and science lessons.
Dd3 wonders around doing her thing. Playing, watching cartoons, begging for food (it's all she thinks about!), and on some days she "do school too" (cutting, coloring, playing with dry rice and beans, etc).

Dd10 is usually done by 1-1:30 every day. Dd6 can do her stuff in an hour or so. I'm a minimalist when it comes to school. No might near all day schooling here.

We also have 4 day school weeks.
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