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Re: What does your curriculum and schedule look like?

Originally Posted by a_marines_wife03 View Post
Ok are we must be odd because we start school at seven am and are usually done by 12 so the girls have time to play with dad before he heads to work. We dont do class in any specific order I lay stuff out and they sorta chose what they want to do first. But its kindergarten and pre k. Next year I am hoping to be a little more structured well see how it goes.
I don't know that you are odd, but *I* am not interested in starting so early. We aren't even out of bed till 8am, sometimes 8:30. By the time we get dressed, nurse the baby, eat breakfast, nurse again it's at least 10am. But, I do have 6 young kids. The above stuff is very time consuming. We start school around 10-10:30, sometimes even as late as 11. We are usually done with Bible, calendar activities and phonics before lunch (at 12:30) and then do math and anything else right after lunch while my 2 year olds are napping.
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