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Re: What does your curriculum and schedule look like?

I am tandem nursing a 2 yo and 5 month old, so most of school, I am nursing or comforting at least one of them.

DD1 is 4 yo, but working somewhere between Kindergarten and first grade work. Our curriculum is Horizon Phonics, Singapore Essentials math, HWT, Chinese +extras.

We start around 10 am and are "done" with the official work by lunch (between 11:30 and 12:30). Extras include science, reading, art, etc. We do school 2-4times per week, depending on how cooperative her sisters are being and whether she wants to do school. We are very loosely schooled, so not quite unschooled, as we have some curriculum, but mostly, I follow her lead.

Example, today we learned the difference between a pterodactyl and pteranodon. Drew some pictures and she was allowed to watch Dinosaur Train, because it was related. Then she makes her "report". The report is like a book report, except drawn, since she can't write all the words yet. So we discuss characters, plot, draw a picture and write at least 1 dictated word that is related.

We do a report everyday of either a video, science experiment or book (usually book). Her report is done after lunch, whenever we/she gets to it. I use those to keep track of what we are learning, with the intent to use it for our homeschool reviews with the district next year.
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