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Originally Posted by MrsFields
Thanks for your stories and suggestions, everyone! After a little more research, I now intend to accept the antibiotics. One concern I had which I forgot to mention is that my husband is allergic to some antibiotics and I was afraid that could have passed to Anastasia. However, I'll just mention it to the doctor and find out specifically what antibiotic they use to make sure there isn't a contradiction. I've been planning a water birth and was grateful to learn that this (abx drip, using an iv, etc) won't upset those plans!
Definitely make a list of which ones your DH is allergic to, and the reactions he has had. If you can talk to your provider beforehand about that concern they should work with you to find the right one. In my experience, providers swim to use the least potent option that will have the intended outcome. They don't immediately jump to the big guns.

The good news about the IV abx, is its usually just one bag every six hours. You can walk with your IV in (dragging your IV cart with you, lol), and once the bag is emptied you're free of it for another several hours.
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