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Re: MAMA CLOTH - what do you like best?

Favorite top layer : daytime - OBV or low pile minky nighttime - minky

Favorite absorbent layer : not too picky here, but not a fan of zorb for daytime pads because it gets bulky. 2 layers of zorb for nighttime/heavy is okay for me though.

Favorite backing: fleece all the way! I hate pul!

Favorite length for liners : 7 inches

Favorite length for day pads : 9 inches

Favorite length for overnight/postpartum : 11 inches

Do you like different options (lots of different fabrics, styles, different absorbecy in all sizes, ect.) or simplicity? (light liners, moderate regular length, heavy long length, all minky or all bamboo, ect.) : I usually don't vary too much from above when it comes to absorbency and length, but I think it's important to have the different options. I know I can't go out with a 11 inch heavy pad without the world seeing it on my butt. lol So it's good to have the option for something more discreet. As for fabrics I like three options, cotton, obv, and minky. I don't like flannel because it can start to look ugly unless you buy REALLY good quality flannel. I love obv for everyday use at home, minky for nights, and cotton when I'm busy or out and about because it's oh so trim and awesome. As for styles - I don't like it at all when one company has several shapes of pads. I like one pattern with variations for different accommodations. When a company offers rounded, contoured, squared, square wings, triangle wings, tab wings... etc. I feel like they don't have a specific pattern or uniqueness that's there to set them apart. I know in my stash if it's not a specific identifiable look I'll forget who makes them, and be less likely to use it. I also hate exact copies of other pad makers, I know there can only be so many shapes, but even some swirly stitching to set them apart would be better. Can you tell I'm picky?

Exposed fleece (on the wings, like pampered mama, go with the flo, ect.) or all fabric tops including wings (like tree hugger) : I will buy pads with either as long as the exposed fleece wings are reinforced, like Pampered Mama and Domino Pads have. Otherwise it's easy to rip the snaps out if you're not careful.

What is most important to you assuming they both function well - cuteness, or price?: Cuteness within reason. I will gladly pay more for a pretty pad, unless it's super expensive. *cough*PIMP's*cough*

What attracts you more - low flat rate shipping, or more add on shipping the more you buy (ie, less shipping for a smaller order vs. flat rate) : Low flat rate shipping, I like to buy a few at a time because I want to try them out, and want to do reviews on YT so I don't think I'd ever buy a ton at once.

Anything else you can add would be SUPER helpful! I'm excited to get started I'm just feeling wishy washy with what I'd like to do.

Any shop names are also welcomed!! I had one in mind, but nothing is set in stone. I'll be selling mama cloth mainly, maybe nursing pads, wetbags and family cloth as well.

Extra tip: Be careful when you market your pads as "mama cloth". It's the most searched word so you should include the term somewhere in your shop of course, but I wouldn't label them as strictly "mama cloth". There's a lot of ladies I know that are uncomfortable with the term since they're not mothers, especially young women 15-20 who often don't even want to THINK of motherhood. I've also heard of ladies thinking "mama cloth" meant they were strictly postpartum pads. So just something to keep in mind. I think phrasing it like: "Our cloth menstrual pads (also known to some as "mama cloth") are made from...." would be a good alternative since some are pretty sensitive over it, and it's a shame so many young ladies miss out. Hope that helps!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

P.S. - Also make sure to start a Facebook once you get up and going! I know me and several others use FB specifically for following other enthusiasts and companies. I love chatting with cloth pad ladies and it's a fun way to get known and develop relationships outside of Diaperswappers. Especially for ladies without kids, very few would venture to Diaperswappers whereas FB is familiar.
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