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Re: Whatever happened to "Congratulations"?

I get that all the time. I often have 1, 2 or 3 extra children to my own, too.

One little girl and her mom lived w/us for 5 yrs. In the store I was pg w/C4 and people would say, "Are they ALL yours. I'd survey the bunch as if I weren't sure and say, "Um, yeah." We consider Lexa as one of ours and my kids call her sister.

In Dec 2008 I was pg w/C4 and we were at a company party. A co-worker told my hubby he needed to wear a condom and I scrunched up my face and said, "Ewww gross. I hate those things!" He shut right up.

People have a very skewed view of children because our culture has seen them as a burden, a curse, an inconvenience. My children are Not Accessories! They are Blessing! So, many are concerned they will ruin their social lives, their toys, their bodies, their finances, the world etc. It is about where you place your your stuff or in the things of this world or in your legacy? I value taking care of the world. That is why I am having so many children! I am raising them to be good stewards, to live as Lovers of the Lord...then they will go out and take care of His most precious creation....HIS CHILDREN!
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