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EC regression...what do to?

I started EC ing with my son at 2.5 months. It took about one week for him to understand he could pee or poo over the potty or toilet when I cued him. He therefore started pooping and peeing on the potty when I gave him the opportunity (but of course only when he had to go). But if I didnt (e.g. while travelling, shopping) he would still go in his diaper. And everytime I held him over the potty, he would at least try to go (he grunts and tries to push something out). But ECing did not change his habits (he goes when he feels like it, whether I catch it or not).

He is now 6 months. For the last 2 months, I rarely ever catch a pee or a poo anymore. It's been weeks now with failed attempts. He seems to prefer to poop in his diaper because he knows I'll change him almost right away anyway...And very often he pees/poos in his diaper a few minutes after I've held him over the potty.
I originally thought babies preferred being clean and that he would learn to wait for the opportunity instead of going in his diaper. That's what my book said. So what is the next step after teaching your kid to associate audio cues? What can I do to make him prefer the potty?
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