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So tired of the screaming/crying!

From my FIVE year old!!! It's ridiculous.

He cries every time he gets told no. He cries/screams EVERY time someone says something he doesn't like.

Since he's been home from school (about 15 minutes), he's been sent to his room TWICE because he's being hateful/crying/rude.

OHMYGODDDD!! I want to scream, myself!

The first time he was sent in there because he asked me what he could have for snack. I said, "There are Danimals drinks, peaches, a banana, or string cheese. That's all I can think of right now." He said, "I'm not getting anything. You won't tell me what all there is!" I told him, "I just told you what there was. I can't think of anything else. If you would like, you can go look and see if you can find anything else you might want." All of this stemming because in the car on the way home, he asked if he could have a package of cookies. No, you can't... those are for SCHOOL snacks, not home snacks. Then he wanted a poptart. No... those are for breakfasts, not snacks. After him yelling at me in frustration, I sent him to his room.

He was in there about 4-6 minutes. He asked if he could come out. I said, "Do you think you can talk to me respectfully?" He said yes. So I let him come out.

NOT EVEN 5 minutes later, he YELLS at his brother to get him some peaches. Uhhh, excuse me?! When you feel like asking people for things NICELY, then you can come out of his room. This time, I told him he can come out when I say he's ready. He's been in there for about 5 minutes. I think I'll leave him for 2-3 more and see how it goes.

I am not against spanking, but since he's being fairly aggressive (vocally, not physically), I don't think it fits in this scenario. I think the next step might be to make him write sentences. I am SO frustrated! He just started school again yesterday after Christmas break, and already?! Geez. It was like this ALL over break, too. I just don't know what to do, but his crying/screaming, etc. is driving me CRAZY!! AHHH!!!

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