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My daughter is similar, she will ask for a snack and I will offer xyz but she won't that, so I ask her what she does want and she sayd lmn and I say no you can't have that. I probably shouldn't have asked what she wanted I should have said I have xyz and you can pick whatever you want out of that, when I open the question to what do you want it is frustrating for her to be able to communicate what she wants but not get it. If I do ask her what she wants I try and phrase it: Alright well those are your options, I may have missed something, can you think of anything I missed? She says A or B and I say nope, I know those are in the cupboard so I didn't forget them, a or b would be great during this time. It allows her to give me some suggestions because I honestly forget we have apples or grapefruit or whatever, but gives me more control of the situation kwim?
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