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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
My daughter is similar, she will ask for a snack and I will offer xyz but she won't that, so I ask her what she does want and she sayd lmn and I say no you can't have that. I probably shouldn't have asked what she wanted I should have said I have xyz and you can pick whatever you want out of that, when I open the question to what do you want it is frustrating for her to be able to communicate what she wants but not get it. If I do ask her what she wants I try and phrase it: Alright well those are your options, I may have missed something, can you think of anything I missed? She says A or B and I say nope, I know those are in the cupboard so I didn't forget them, a or b would be great during this time. It allows her to give me some suggestions because I honestly forget we have apples or grapefruit or whatever, but gives me more control of the situation kwim?
Yeah. I get what you mean.

Normally, I will let them have anything in there, really. Poptarts would normally be okay for a snack, etc. However... we went to the grocery store yesterday, and I am not going back again for ATLEAST a week, and if they eat all of the breakfast food for snacks, then they don't have anything for breakfast this weekend, and so on. So I am having to be a little more strict about it now... which he isn't used to. But this is just today. This behavior has been for the last month or so, really. I'm THINKING that it's because I am pregnant, but good LORD it's frustrating!
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