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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

Originally Posted by amb2j View Post
My DS is going through a similar phase. He's home from daycare no more than 5 minutes before he's on his naughty mat for whining :-(. Im hoping it, too, shall pass :-)
Yeah. My five year old whines. A lot. Now my four year old is picking up on it and doing it more often as well.

I just had to send him to the corner because he is crying/yelling that "I woke him up and he was tired!" Not an excuse to talk to me that way... sorry buddy. I am NOT doing it today. Normally I just have to ignore it and let it go because I notice myself getting too angry/frustrated. Today, there is no ignoring. We are GOING to get this problem under control, or one of us is going to have some serious issues, and it's not gonna be me!
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