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Re: Basically it's Tuesday

Hola mamacitas. At the new school we are not allowed in the building until it starts either. I am not sure if the parents can escort kids to class since the girls ride the bus. At our old school we could, and because it was like Jen's school (majority on free breakfast) many kids went in early anyway and waited in the caff until school started. Of course now post recent shooting everything is subject to change. I think it is totally reasonable to expect to sign in if you want to walk your kid to class.

I am really pissed off right now. Ginger has been hitting at school. Lightly and more like pushing at first, but they finally had to send an incident form home after 4x times. So she's writing her "I will not hit anyone ever" lines at while her siblings play Wii downstairs and lost two weeks of electronics/TV privileges. Told her if it happens again she loses two months. And if she does it at pom/cheer or the church afterschool program, she no longer gets to participate in the program. I have found if I don't give swift and dire consequences to stuff like this, she doesn't take it seriously and doesn't change. Talking to her makes no different, she just parrots what the rules are and why she shouldn't do it but it takes no effect. I seriously HATE having to be the bad guy. Ugh.
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