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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

Originally Posted by elioraimmanuel View Post
I feel your pain, Mama. Our 7 y/o screams when he doesn't like something. I hear the "You hate me," or disrespect or whatever.

So, I don't offer a choice....You can have a banana. period. You can go to your room for being disrespectful. period. You can go to bed.

Of course, he would love to have his privileges, but with repeated offense they are taken video games, no video, no dessert AND a chores are added for each offense. Some days he is a VERY busy boy! I went through this w/C1, too.

Someone, once told me that when I am argued with, disrespected etc. To throw the back of my hand against my head and feign a fake southern belle accent and say, "Oh, you're drainin' my energy." and then add a task so that she could restore that energy. It REALLY worked. I think I'll start that with my son! (When I get my voice back.)
Haha! That actually isn't a bad idea.

We've done much better the last hour or so. He ate some dinner, then had some ice cream for finishing his dinner. He's walking around the house singing now, lol. I think he's tired, honestly... and I think he's stressed about a new baby... and I think that he has some serious "middle child" issues. I just hope this isn't a permanent thing. I am NOT very patient now that I am pregnant, and sometimes I can be pretty mean when they start acting like this. There are three of them, and one of me, and I have to explain that. I can't yell at kids for being disrespectful all day, but I also can't continue to ignore it because it's now become a constant behavior. Ugh. Parenting.
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