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Re: Anyone work out?

I have three kids and work-full time outside of the home, and have my own business. I'm responsible for all drop-offs and some pick-ups for one of my kids, and we have four days a week of lessons for dfiferent kids (we have a total of 4 in the house). Suffice it to say, I'm super busy!

I have a gym membership but I generally workout at home. Sometimes I do it as soon as I come home while DH is cooking dinner and the older kids are doing homework (after I've nursed LO and she's calm). Somtimes it's after everyone's in bed, or sometimes it's before everyone gets up, or while the kids are playing. Sometimes the kids do it with me and the baby just kind of wanders around and I talk to her and make it a game.

I have different programs that I do that range from 20 - 60 minutes in length, so if I'm short on time I'll do HIIT (high intensity interval training) to get a maxium bang for my buck. When I go to the gym, I usually go on weekends and then at night after bed. It's just too hard with a still nursing baby to go before work, but I can get up and workout at home since I don't have to get dressed or even brush my hair to do it!

My preference is to get it done first thing in the morning so I get it out of the way and it's not something that's looming over my head, but that's not always possible. I also coach fitness accountability groups where I help others reach their fitness goals through at-home programs which helps force me to stay on track. There are lots of other moms who struggle with making the time.

Here's my suggestion:

It seems really hard to find the time, but it's there. Maybe make larger meals two nights a week and then have leftovers the next day or have simple sandwiches and salad for dinner 2x a week. Workout on the leftovers/sandwich nights so you don't have to worry about your DH cooking.

Do you watch TV at night after the kids go to bed? One night a week workout instead. Even your most favorite shows are generally available to watch after online.

Workout first thing in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. That already gives you five days without putting too much strain on your DH. You can to it, mama!
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