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Added new GN NB knit longies, interlock and recycled

This was supposed to be a part of my gn coming home set, but baby is a girl and after three boys, I wanted something much more girly! They are super cute and unused, they haven't been washed our lanonized yet and they are a NB/small with long legs (because my babies always have long legs and have to wear high waters!)
Mosaic moon's winter pair on gaia.

these are all new and shorties anyway. i was hanging on to them for #4, but since she's going to be a she, i want to go all girl! They and have all been washed, but none have been lanolized. i am happy to lanolize for you if you'd like, as long as you're aware that it'll delay shipping. These are all upcycled shorties with soft stretchy interlock blend waist bands.


The measurements are all flat. And the same for the following three...

Waist 18-19 inches
Rise 17-18 inches
Inseam 4.5-5.5 inches

Fishies! These are made from a light weight merino and have thicker lambswool hammock-style doubler sewn into the wetzone to make them bulletproof. A small school of fish is swimming around the leg. 18ppd

Hawaiian Palm These are made from the softest cashmere! Embellished with a tropical palm tree! 18ppd

waist 14
rise 13
inseam 3 1/4

Goldfish/greenfish They are super soft cashmere with three fish swimming from the back of the leg to the front. perfect for your little newbie! 15ppd


mama and baby elephant. Made from soft thick lambs wool. A mama and baby elephant are walking around the leg. They have yarn tails that can swish as your little one walks/crawls around. 21ppd (PENDING)

These are all in PLAY condition! they have holes, in some cases quite a few. i will sell them for 1.50 each with any other order, but i'm not selling by themselves! (ALL PENDING)

Interlock Soakers

L Wild Child Woolies green/brown. i bought this soaker several years ago on FSOT for my middle guy. It has the older WCW tag on the inside, it does have some spots that i think are lanolin, but otherwise great condition. 18ppd (pending)

Kiwi Pie, kiwi peel teal (robin's egg blue i think) soaker in size Large. i would LOVE to trade this for a girly Kiwi Peel in a smaller size, but i know that's a long shot. These soakers are the best! There is some dinginess, the kind where you can't tell if it's your eyes playing tricks on you or not... 20ppd

we don't smoke or have any pets! i try to ship very quickly and will definitely contact you if something comes up. PM for fastest response because i'm not always so good at checking the thread!
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