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Maybe Preggo with ?

Ok so I will be testing tonight. I am usually like clockwork with AF but she is 2 days late today and still nothing so I'm going to test tonight. Anyway my question is can you still get crampy like feelings when your preggo and everything be ok? On Monday I have a couple of pretty bad cramps and I usually don't get cramps so I was like wow what is up with my body and I thought I might get AF on Tuesday - nothing. I was due on Wed and nothing yet. Now today I'm feeling slightly crampy but its not like cramp cramps. Does that make sense? Its just a weird achy kind of feeling down there. Could it be my uterus stretching maybe? I've had 3 csections so maybe its the scar tissue stretching a little? I don't know. This will be #4 so you would think I would know right? Any ideas would be great. Thanks.
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