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Please make (reasonable) offers. We're starting to pack up for our move and I don't want to bring these with us!

i have some 'vintage' fitteds FSOT! they are all from the 08-09 goodmama craze era and i've been hanging on to them for #4, but (as long as the ultrasound isn't lying) it's a girl! after three boys, i'm excited to go all girly, so i'm moving these out. You can try me on trades, however, since DS2 (who these were purchased for) i've realized that i much prefer sized i MIGHT be up for sized fitteds in small sizes (but not dreameze, because I already have a stash of those!) and girly prints, or girly wool yarn. Also I would like to have a couple more lil Joeys or nb simplex in our stash (girly) otherwise, i always love paypal!


4 of these, 2 prints and two plain obv. i don't remember the names...they are all used and have some mild staining on the soakers. It's very rainy here, so i haven't tried to sun them. But snaps and elastic are all good. None of them are sherpa-ish yet, because although i did use them with DS2, i kind of lost the fitted love with DS3, but they were so crazy hard to get i kept holding on to them! i'd like 20ppd each, or all 4 for 65ppd SOLD

Also, from the same time period, 2 kiwi pies, 2 mutts (3sr i think they're called) and one SOS, the mutts and kp don't have stains, the SOS, kind of does on the soaker, it's a bit dingy.... They all have their doublers, but one of the mutts (the OLD style soaker) had the snaps to snap the soaker in chewed by my friend's dog . So it doesn't snap still works fine as a lay in soaker though! Aside from those snaps, all other snaps and elastic on the diapers are good!
19ppd for each kiwi pie. BOTH SOLD
19ppd for the mutt with the yellow inner
17ppd for the mutt with the chewed snaps
15ppd for the SOS

we don't smoke or have pets...i try to ship very quickly, but if something comes up i'll definitely be in contact with you!
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